Тут можна писати, додаючи нову тему. --Nickispeaki 16:38, 25 серпня 2011 (UTC)Відповісти



Sorry for writing in English. I have readded you to the administrator group for six months this time. When there are about ten days left, please organise another election and let us know the results after at least a week. As an administrator, you are allowed into #wikimedia-admin, the cross-wiki coordination channel for Wikimedia administrators. Any member of the channel can invite you in temporarily, but you need an invite exemption from a channel operator to get in whenever you want. Please come to #wikimedia-stewards and ask for an invite.

Any admin from any project is welcome and it is a good place for cross-wiki coordination of vandal and spam fighting. It is also useful for new admins to contact more experienced admins in real-time to get help with the more complicated admin tasks such as history merges/splits and importing via Special:Import.

Please remember to translate the interface at translatewiki: only and to upload images preferably at commons:

Thank you. Green Giant (обговорення) 17:44, 4 квітня 2018 (UTC)Відповісти

Hi, Green Giant! Why did you ask me about another election? Ok. But why?--Nickispeaki (обговорення) 21:30, 4 квітня 2018 (UTC)Відповісти
I saw it. Ok. See you in September. ;-) --Nickispeaki (обговорення) 21:47, 4 квітня 2018 (UTC)Відповісти